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Easy Render is an online web application that connects 3d artists to the clients who require their services. A 3d artist (“the Artist”) is defined herein as a person or entity capable of producing 3d images of the unbuilt based on instructions from a Client. A client (“the Client”) is defined herein as a person or entity looking to commission an Artist to produce 3d images of the unbuilt and subsequently purchase them. Clients could include architectural practices, real estate firms, engineering practices, interior design firms, etc. This online web application (“the Site”) aims to bring Artists and Clients together and facilitate the offer, job acquisition, collaboration, image transfer and payment processes between the two parties.


The use of the Site is supported by the following key documents, known in their entirety as “the Supporting Documentation”: the Services Description document; the Terms and Conditions of Use document; the Data Privacy Policy document; and the Image Transfer Agreement document. The Supporting Documentation should be read, considered and abided by in their entirety, by both Client and Artists.


The additional terms introduced below are used extensively within the Supporting Documentation; their meaning is as defined below unless otherwise stated. “The User” is used herein to refer to any user of the Site, and can refer to the Artist and/or the Client. For simplicity only, all Users will be referred to herein through use of the masculine singular form; but the term User is intended to cover both the masculine and feminine form and both the singular and pluralised form, as required. “The Winning Artist” is used herein to define the Artist selected by the Client during the tender process; the Client will interact exclusively with the Winning Artist to produce the Images that the Client will ultimately purchase from the Winning Artist. “The Images” is used herein to refer to the 3d images produced by the Winning Artist in line with the Client’s requirements for ultimate sale to the Client himself. “The Client/Artist Agreement” is used herein to define the job agreement between the Client and the Winning Artist, based on the job details posted by the Client and the offer made by the Winning Artist during the tender process.


Easy Render is intended to be used by Users as described by provision 1.4 of this Services Description document; Easy Render accepts no responsibility if the Site fails to work as described herein or if the User fails to use the Site as described herein: The Client creates and advertises their job on the Site’s job board using the Site’s job form; The job form requests the relevant job details, which may include: the total number of Images (both of the exterior and the interior) required by the Client, the provision of a possible model by the Client (yes or no), the model’s complexity (easy, moderate or complex), the model’s size (small, medium or large), the Image style, the deadline for the delivery of the Images and the duration of the job tender process (from 1 to 7 days); All interested Artists submit an offer to tender based on the job details posted on the Site’s job board by the Client; The Client receives and evaluates all the offers made by interested Artists, including their portfolios; The Client can select a Winning Artist and assign the job to that Artist. Upon selecting the Winning Artist the Client is requested to upload the detailed project files to the Site; these detailed project files can be viewed only by the Winning Artist; The Winning Artist reviews the uploaded detailed project files and decides whether to confirm or decline his offer given the additional information now available; If the Winning Artist declines his offer he will be denied further access to the detailed project files and is required by Easy Render’s Terms and Conditions of Use to delete all copies of said detailed project files in his possession. The Winning Artist will be required to confirm this action; If the (first) Winning Artist declines his offer then the Client is alerted and can select a second Winning Artist, who will, in turn, be granted access to the uploaded detailed project files in order to confirm or decline his offer; If no Winning Artist confirms his offer, then the Client can delete his open job tender from the Site’s job board and create a new one; starting the tender process afresh; Once a Winning Artist confirms his offer, the Client is prompted to deposit the agreed fee through Easy Render’s third party professional payment platform. Upon receipt of this fee by Easy Render, a collaboration page is created, linking the Client to the Winning Artist; In confirming his offer, the Winning Artist must agree to the Client/Artist Agreement and to the Image Transfer Agreement; the Client must also agree to the same two documents, namely the Client/Artist Agreement and the Image Transfer Agreement, and does so prior to payment of the agreed fee to Easy Render. Both agreements are detailed in Easy Render’s Supporting Documentation; The Client/Artist Agreement confirms that both the Client and the Winning Artist agree to work to the terms set out during the relevant job tender process and further abide by Easy Render’s Supporting Documentation, including Easy Render’s Terms and Conditions of Use document; whilst the Image Transfer Agreement allows for the transfer of the necessary intellectual property rights for the relevant Images from the Winning Artist to the Client upon job closure; The collaboration page has been specifically designed by Easy Render to allow the Client and the Winning Artist to collaborate on the job; all work and communication between the Client and Winning Artist takes place through this collaboration page; For ease of reference, the collaboration page will contain links to the relevant job documentation (which may include the Client’s ID, the Artist’s ID, the job form completed by the Client, the detailed project files uploaded by the Client, the Winning Artist’s offer, the Winning Artist’s portfolio, etc.); this job documentation is expected to form the basis for the Client/Artist Agreement; When the Client is satisfied that an Image on the collaboration page has been completed as per the Client/Artist Agreement, then the Client may mark each individual Image as completed; once the required number of Images has been marked as completed by the Client, the entire job is deemed as completed and both the Client and the Winning Artist are notified; The Winning Artist will produce and make available for transfer the Images (in a final high resolution format) that were marked as completed by the Client on the relevant collaboration page. The Client will be shown a preview of these Images to confirm that they are indeed those marked as completed by the Client on the collaboration page; if they are the same Images, then the Client marks the job as closed; and once the job has been marked as closed the Client can download the final high resolution Images and the Winning Artist is paid.