How to Collaborate

Introduce yourself with you first name only. Share your working hours and time zone. The exchange of personal contact details is not allowed. All exchanges between client and artist should be carried out on the Easy Render collaboration page so that we can mediate in the unlikely event of a dispute. Failure to comply with these terms may void refunds to clients and payment to artists. If you have any questions at any point please contact support.

All collaboration images should be no larger than 1000 pixels high or wide. Final high resolution images will be delivered at the end of the collaboration and should be larger or equal to 12 megapixels. Files will be delivered in jpg, png, bmp or gif formats.


3D Artist

Upload all files

Upload all the necessary project files to the file transfer at the top of the collaboration page. 

Download all files

Access the file transfer at the top of the page and download all the necessary project files.

Select camera angles

Review the white clay renders uploaded by the 3D Artist and select the ones you would like him to work on.

Propose camera angles

Upload several white clay renders so that the client can decide what images he would like you to work on.

Provide feedback

Review the images uploaded by the 3D Artist and provide feedback within each of the selected images.

Upload revisions

Add details to the selected images. Upload the revisions within the selected image on the collaboration page.

Close the job

When you are happy with the images, mark them as complete. When all images are complete, the 3D Artist will start to produce the high resolution files.

Transfer the files

When all the images are complete you should start to produce the high resolution files.  Images should be 12 megapixels or higher and in jpg, png, bnp or gif formats.