How it Works

Post a 3D Rendering Job

Create a project brief by completing our online form. A detailed brief is the foundation for a successful collaboration.  Upload all the necessary project files and reference images. Your project brief and files should not contain any company or contact details. Submit your job for review. Your job will be approved within 12 hours if it is complete and meets all of our guidelines.

Project Brief
Project Files
Submit for Review

Receive worldwide offers from our network of 3D artists

Once your job has been approved you will start to receive offers from our worldwide network of 3D artists. We advise to wait at least 48 hours to receive the right amount of offers.

Juan C.
190 €
Diego A.
240 €
Marco G.
450 €
Anna M.
520 €
Lukas T.
600 €
Emily R.
630 €

Select the best offer

Browse all your offers and select the best 3D Artist by prefunding your job. You money will be held in escrow until you decide to release it.


Delete the job

No obligations. If you can not find the right 3D Artist, simply delete the job and we will inform all the 3D Artists on your behalf.

Collaborate and provide feedback online

We make outsourcing easy with our online collaboration tools. Get notified when the 3D Artist has produced some work. Provide feedback directly on the images and we will notify the 3D Artist. Online collaboration has never been so easy. Read more about our collaboration workflow on our how to collaborate page.

Approval & Payment

Once you are happy with the images, mark them as complete. We will send you the high resolution files and transfer the funds to the 3D Artist.


Failure & Refund

If the 3D Artist misses the deadline or delivers images of poor quality you are entitled to a refund. Read more in section 4.4 Refunds.