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Where to Seek Inspiration for Your Next Architectural Visualization Project

Expand, diversify, and beautify your architectural diary with these ten inspiring resources from all over the internet.

Brilliant architectural ideas don't just happen.

It’s a discouraging myth that the ability to produce something genuinely new is given only to a few chosen ones. Sure, some creations are more inspired than others but don’t believe for a second that their creators were struck by proverbial genius.

They’ve been working as hard as you or me.

Because ideation requires an equal amount of time and energy as creation itself, we’ve compiled a list of resources to help you out with your architectural visualization projects. Hopefully, it will be your go-to wealth of ideas for years to come.

1. Architectural Digest

AD is not an industry staple for no reason.

The celebrated magazine has been around since the early 1920s and is still offering the most eclectic news from the architecture world on a monthly basis. If its coverage of the latest high-end projects doesn't inspire you, its extensive gallery will.

In case you like your ideas pinned to the wall where you can see them, the one-year subscription to the physical AD is only $25.99. The digital edition publishes all the same high-def photos and amazing articles without a price tag, so bookmark it.

2. Architect Magazine

Architect Magazine may not have the same gorgeous-looking layout and modern, Pinterest feel, but it’s still everything you need to get informed and inspired. In fact, this comprehensive site boasts thousands of projects in around 20 categories.

To help you with further research, every featured project includes not only building visuals but also a detailed description of the construction team and status. It’s very convenient that search results can be filtered by project scope, type, and size.

Podcasts, events, and news also come with the bundle.

3. ArchDaily

ArchDaily boasts a similar approach to project boards, but actually offers broader galleries and a more in-depth overview of the process, together with the architect’s commentary. It’s the closest you can ever get to picking your favorite creator’s brain.

And should we mention,

This is the largest architectural database on the internet.

Beyond its comprehensive project catalog, ArchDaily delivers daily news, events, and competitions, as well as interviews with both up-and-comers and industry leaders. It's no wonder the website is visited by tens of millions of architects every month.


The great thing about AZURE is that it offers job listings and school recommendations in addition to events and competitions news. That way, you can use for brainstorming stunning projects, submit your work, and apply for a job without switching tabs.

You’ll find this notable magazine to be able to cater to all your artistic caprices. From architecture and interior design to its “Curiosity” column which tackles news from space, culture, and more, AZURE never fails to impress, provoke, and motivate.  

Subscription for print & digital is $ 44.95 per year.

5. Architectural Record

Architects are blessed with great ED opportunities.

When it comes to resources for professional learning and development, Architectural Record is not an exception. Concerning the brand’s century-old reputation (and counting), the magazine is extremely authoritative but also very modern and affordable.

In continuing ED, Architectural Record offers more courses you can possibly take, with a focus on trendy subjects such as Multifamily Housing, Acoustics, Glass in Architecture, and Sustainability. Never a dull day in Record’s Academies of Digital Learning.


Much like Architectural Digest, DWELL is a beautifully structured bundle of news, useful articles, and inspiring visuals. You'll love it for its project catalog as well, designed to help you with interiors, commercial buildings, adaptive reuse, lighting, and much more.

DWELL also works as a social network for professionals.

If you take some time to build your own DWELL Pro profile and portfolio, you’ll be able to collaborate with like-minded people from the industry. Instead of leaving you to brainstorm alone, this website allows you to exchange and hone your ideas with others.

7. EntreArchitect

The first podcast on our list, EntreArchitect relies on the power of verbal storytelling to improve the architect’s visualization. It offers the widest range of industry topics too, from everyday tales of being a mother in architecture to how-to interviews on exploring Instagram.

EntreArchitect’s blog strikes a similar note with articles on running, branding, and marketing your architectural business. Though it doesn’t offer a lot of photographs, you’ll love this unique channel for its honest and relatable conversations about being an architect.

Plus, you can enjoy it while sketching new projects.

8. About Buildings and Cities

This one is for daydreamers, hipsters, and other nerds.

Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play, About Buildings and Cities takes a different approach to architectural podcasts. You won’t find many tips and instructions here, but you will get to remember why you fell in love with architecture in the first place.

More than anything else, every About Buildings and Cities session is a 90-minute long walk down the memory lane. The podcast revisits game-changing projects from different epochs, casting a new light on the lessons you remember only vaguely from your school days.

9. Flying Architecture

Flying Architecture is the Amazon of the rendering industry.

It’s your go-to place for shopping templates and discovering new textures, materials, and cut-outs, but it’s also a great spot for learning new insiders’ tricks. Every category is completed with exciting visuals that will certainly get your creative juices running.

The website also offers a News section, though it rarely goes beyond what’s already available in Flying Architecture’s portfolio. Most of us use it for tutorials, aimed at novice architects and post-pro ninjas and centered around 3D modeling and rendering.

10. World-Architects

Last but not the least on our list of awe-inspiring architectural resources is a database of profiles of selected artists from all over the globe, aptly titled World-Architects. And it’s just what its name suggests - an all-in-one meeting hub for visionaries.

It boasts a catalog of projects, jobs listings, an exciting magazine, and a network of passionate collaborators from the industry. World-Architects is also available in ten different languages, which makes idea sharing even more diverse and inclusive.

It earns bonus points for making teamwork fun.


Made for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this short list aims to deliver a daily portion of gorgeous architecture from across industries and all over the world. Use it to expand, diversify, and beautify your learning habits, social media feeds, and professional ambitions.

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