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CG Architect: the best community for architectural visualization professionals

CGArchitect is made up of a tight-knit community of 3D visualization artists. Here’s why you should consider joining their ranks.

Sometimes in order to grow within your given field you must surround yourself with people who are, simply put, better than you. That goes especially for the architectural visualization community, which is filled with talented artists who are in constant (mostly friendly) competition with one another to produce the best, most awe-inspiring renderings and animations on the planet.

CGArchitect is an online community where many of these artists live, share their work and challenge each other to constantly be better. For freelancers who have a tendency to produce their work in the dark confines of their musky studio apartment, it’s a great place to expand your exposure and maybe even make a few like-minded friends. Not only that, but members are constantly posting software reviews, tips, and tutorials to help newcomers wade through the endless river of modeling and rendering information.

CGArchitect also contains a job board that lets freelancers and artists connect with clients who are looking for rendering help. These clients range anywhere from architecture and interior design firms to real-estate and product marketing firms. There is plenty of work out there to be had, and CGArchitect does a great job of supporting and vouching for its ever-growing pool of talent.

Artists have grown both personally and professionally by sinking their creative teeth into what CGArchitect offer its members. The more you put into the experience, the more you stand to get out of it. I would suggest new users to dive in head first and get themselves acquainted with the platform and with the most active members of the community. You will be rewarded with connections and opportunities that stand to progress your career as a freelance visualization artist. There really is no downside.

The ‘Forums’ section of CGArchitect is the best place to start letting your voice be known and start introducing yourself to fellow members. You’ll find discussions about software, technique, job opportunities, or general camaraderie with people who understand exactly what it’s like to be a struggling 3D artist trying to make a name for themselves. Then, head over to the ‘Gallery’ page to be overwhelmed by the possibilities that await you if you are willing to put in the work. The images, animations, and visualizations on display are among the best in the world - and the fastest way to be the best is to learn from the best.

Ask questions. Make mistakes. The community that makes up CGArchitect will be there to pull you up when you’ve tripped and fallen on your own ambition. Come to terms with the fact that there will be points in your career where you will fail, and make it easier on yourself by having people to turn to when shit hits the fan.

You’ll pass the generosity on to the next noob who is set to follow in your footsteps.

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