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The 7 best 3D interior design services

Interior designers must rely on true-to-life visuals to sell the merits of their designs. Here are 7 3D services that can help them do just that.

Interior architects and designers rely on the success of their visual presentation to convince clients and prospective clients of the merits of their designs. If they can’t represent their pre-implementation ideas with accurate and awe-inspiring renderings and visualizations, they might as well throw their Pinterest accounts in the rubbish straight away.

However, producing the kind of visuals that will not only sell your ideas but help land you future work isn’t easy. There is a maze of modeling, rendering, and post-production software to navigate before unlocking the door to breathtaking rendering work. It takes years of practice and education to get the most out of those programs, something many designers finding little time to invest in.

The good news is, there are a number of professional, cost-effective online services that will help show off your interior work without the need to either learn how to do it yourself, or hire someone full time to shoulder the rendering load. Here are 5 of the best 3D interior design services that will sell your work and showcase your talents as a designer.

1 | Rendering House

Rendering House is a browser-based online tool that offers a number of apps that help interior designers produce multiple versions of their design visuals. The easy-to-use real-time rendering engine makes Rendering House the perfect option for working with clients - allowing materials, colors, or furniture options to be swapped out on the fly and populated in true-to-life spaces. Their home building tool makes creating accurate rooms and spaces easy, allowing for a paint-by-numbers approach to rendering and visualization. It’s inexpensive, and won’t take long for even the newest users to get up to speed.

2 | Blitz 3D Design Studio

Blitz 3D specializes in providing designers and interior architects with incredible photo-realistic visuals that will impress even the most skeptical clients. Their team of designers, artists, and engineers are all experienced and professional, and work with any level of finished work you’re looking to have produced. They also have a specific team dedicated to providing 3D floor plans, which can be an incredible showcase of a multi-room design project. It gives clients an overview in which they can understand, and provides a much clearer picture of the design than a 2D plan.

3 | Real-Visuals

For interior designers who work with a lot of real-estate marketing clients, Real-Visuals offers a very specific kind of 3D rendering service which caters directly to that sub-industry. In addition to being architectural visualization experts, they also provide animations and walkthroughs that give clients a more experience-driven representation of the design. There are few better ways to show off your design than by building a virtual tour of the finished product. And with the emergence of virtual reality, you can quickly and inexpensively give clients a view of their new home before a single can of paint is purchased.

4 | Easy Render

You won’t enlist Easy Render to turn your designs into full-fledged renderings and visualizations. You will, however, use their innovative and inclusive job-finding service to connect to freelance artists from around the world that will help showcase your work with your clients. You can browse artists, quickly view thier portfolio, then hire based on schedule and budget. Better yet, you won’t pay a dime until you review the completed work and deem it to the level of quality you initially signed up for. Before long, you’ll develop a network of freelancers you can rely on at a moment’s notice to get the job done quickly and professionally. Easy Render is free to sign up with, and has access to some of the best artists and studios on the planet.

5 | RayVat Intelligent Outsourcing

RayVat is an industry leader in providing quality, inexpensive interior 3D renderings by outsourcing the work overseas. Their primary areas of operation are based throughout India, and allow them to offer professional rendering work at an extremely discounted price. They work with interior designers, architects, and engineers, and stand by their success rate -  pointing to the fact that 76% of their jobs go through the door without any changes, revisions, or modifications from the customer. There aren’t many better options out there for outsourcing your 3D rendering work.

6 | CGTrader

If you’re an interior designer, chances are you rely heavily on your ability to effectively populate rooms with a keen eye for beautiful furniture. However, quality 3D models for furniture can be hard to come by. That’s where CGTrader comes in. It is a digital 3D model warehouse that sells licenses to work uploaded by 3D modeling artists from around the world. Their database is massive, and is guaranteed to have something worth investing in. Better yet, all their models are reusable, and can be placed in a range of interior design visualizations you know for a fact they will work well in.

7 | RoomSketcher

For the interior designer who likes to take a hands-on approach to their work, RoomSketcher is a good entry point into producing believable 3D renderings by themselves. The online app has an Interior Design Room Building tool that lets designers take the reigns and populate 3D space with a large library of preset textures, colors, and furniture pieces. The tools are easy to use, and give designers a greater sense of control when showing clients the work they’ve put into their project.

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The 7 best 3D interior design services

3D Artists from Over 65 Countries

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