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8 Popular Trends to Inspire 3D Interior Designers in 2020

Interior design is a rising star in the career industry and has numerous candidates that are applying for the choice every single day. But how do you remain fresh when the competition is so stiff? Read this article and find out.

It’s true. The Interior Design industry is absolutely booming in popularity in recent years. There is nothing like it, as interior design serves an extremely useful and essential purpose and provides a necessary product to everyone looking to improve their life.

The job of the interior designer is to help make space better whether it needs to be more aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, useful, or in the best case, a combination of all of the above. A good interior designer needs to keep several things in mind to always deliver the best.

Another extremely important part of interior design is the attention to detail. Every single nook and cranny should be used up, and everything should work in harmony, complimenting itself. From the color of the walls to the material of the furniture, it’s the collective that provides the best result!

Now, a career choice such as interior design is skyrocketing in popularity because it has become easier to learn this trade and to work on it. Numerous software such as SketchUp and AutoCAD have become more widespread, bringing with them an influx of people looking to be the next big thing.

Since there is such a huge amount of people doing their best to claw their way to the top, how do you stand out among the crowd? By utilizing the latest and hottest new trends the industry has to offer, of course!

As you need to keep up with the times and always strive to provide the newest, fanciest and best options, we’ll list you eight amazing trends you should be following in 2020!

Instinctual Decorating

There is nothing that is on the rise more than color. We’re dividing our senses from cold gray walls and simplistic pastel colors into vibrant and beautiful pallets. Everyone is looking to make their living space that much more vibrant and out of the box, to achieve a unique, but comfortable look.

We’re out with the simple, modern and dull, and in with the warm, friendly and individual ideas! There is nothing more important in design than fitting the needs of the customer. Giving your interior a personal, private, and unique touch can turn it from a magazine look into something personal and amazing.

Incorporating your clients’ ideas into your own can also prove itself to be profitable. You can fit their expectations much closer if you pay closer attention to their needs and wants!

Whimsical Style

Always look at the bright side of life! And one of the bright sides of life is having a whimsical, fun-loving, and happy looking interior. Numerous studies show that the color of your walls alone can impact your mood greatly. Having a whole room or house designed around whimsical decor and art styles can boost your happiness by a whole lot.

This is not only a fantastic trend, but if done right, it can be a real life-changer. Bright textures and fun colors all the way!

Whimsical colors are crucial to achieving a fun atmosphere. There is nothing that impacts you more than the place where you spend most of your time. And, if your living quarters are vibrant, fun-loving, and as beautiful as you, you’re bound to be having a good time.

Textured Walls

Textured walls are making a big comeback in 2020, and they are bound to be one of the latest trends in 2021! They are coming back in style for a good reason! Printing has improved vastly, and we’re now able to decorate our walls fully with intricate art, not only dull, faint textures.

Having ornate walls is the latest new trend in the interior design world. Ornate walls can fit any style if done correctly.

Textured walls are a fantastic addition to any room, and can complete the look to an extent and in a way that no other detail can. Incorporating vibrant, textured walls and ornate pictures can provide you with a mesmerizing effect, and be an unmatched centerpiece!

Street Art

Street art has been rising in popularity ever since the rise of street culture into the mainstream. Some people take their fashion sense pretty serious, and a new style of interior design has arisen! The street art style is a popular choice for all interior designers looking to freshen up their style and make a comfortable, street-living environment.

Since street art is so popular on the street, it is entirely natural to become popular in the designing world. People are spending more and more time going places, therefore on the street. The street art design can be tricky to master, as you need to know what works and what does not.

Keep an eye out for details when you’re making your next coffee run. Find graffiti, furniture ideas, and other things that might inspire you to create your next masterpiece.

Matte Black

When it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, the latest new trend is matte black. If you have a matte black sink or a matte black toilet bowl, you’re the coolest person on the block. Matte colors have made a significant impact on the design scene, and don’t seem to be fading out of the trend for quite some time now!

Matte colors can be combined with glossy colors or with pastel colors to produce a fantastic feel and aura of space, providing you with some happy customers.

Matte black is the most popular shade of black, as it looks so clean and simple. It is a powerful tool and a small detail that might make that much of a difference in a room. If done right, you can make matte black details everywhere. The good thing about small details such as matte black is that they are not recognizable outright; there is just something about them that completes the look.


There is nothing in this world that screams luxury quite like a stone wall. There is nothing more widely available these days than imitation stone so that you can get your luxury for a wholesale price. Combining stone with both interior and exterior design can really bring a room to life. It can give it that slick-modern looking feel that people are still very much interested in.

You don’t have to be rich to give yourself a luxurious and gorgeous looking space. Utilizing stone in your design can give modernity and luxury to any space that it is applied to. If it is combined with proper colors and furniture, it can turn your living room into a lodge.

Stone does not have to be real to achieve the same effect. There is a lot of exciting stone imitations that can be just as good as the real thing, for a fraction of the price. If a stone is not your thing, another similar rising star is brick! Bricklaying has been a trendy option in interior design, for a more casual approach to the same thing.


Velvet achieves the same effect stone does. Affordable and amazing looking luxury, right in your very own living quarters. Velvet is a returning name in modern fashion, as it has been a staple of luxurious and contemporary fabrics ever since it was first used for furniture.

Using velvet for furniture design is an amazing way to give the furniture a vibrant, lifelike and warm feel. When you walk inside a room and notice a velvet piece of furniture, the first thing you will see is the velvet, then the rest of the furniture and room.

Therefore, velvet is a fantastic centerpiece material. If you have a huge sofa in the middle of your design as an idea for a centerpiece, and everything seems to work out, consider matching the furniture materials with velvet. You will be surprised by the effect you might garner.

Colorful Kitchen Appliances

Kitchens are an often overlooked part of a household but are one of the most important ones. Having a beautiful kitchen can not only spice up your living space, but it can spice up the way you look at cooking. Perhaps it might inspire you to cook better.

Providing a vibrant color pallet to not only the kitchen itself but the appliances in it can give new life to the kitchen and inspire the chef to create stunning meals. The color of the kitchen and its appliances should fit not only the rest of the household but the environment it is in as well.

If you’re working seaside houses, a light teal might work best. If you’re working with an urban city area, a dark red might spruce things up. Experiment and consult with your client, and you’re well on your way to improve his way of life through his living space!

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3D Artists from Over 65 Countries

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