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3D Interior Design Apps That Can Help Customers and Artists Visualize Space

Whether you’re a professional designer or a homeowner with a DIY project, these 3D interior design apps will help you visualize your space. Have a look.

Redesigning a room, or an entire house for that matter is a huge project that takes a lot of time, money, and creativity. Ideally, at the end of all of this, you’d be left with a beautiful interior design that cannot be found even in the best home catalogs.

It doesn’t always end up like this, however. While the entire plan looked great on paper, and you thought that the different pieces of furniture would compliment each other, this isn’t always the case when everything’s said and done.

Luckily, new tech has brought us some new solutions for interior design that can ensure that everything is just as you’d imagined.

The following 3D interior design apps will help you plan out and truly visualize your new space before you even start with the remodeling.

These apps are perfect for both homeowners and interior designers and can help you out every step of the way. Let’s check them out.


Let’s start from the beginning. Before you start redesigning a space, you need to have an accurate floor plan so that you can get well organized.

This is where Magicplan comes in. This app is user-friendly and allows you to create detailed floor plans from smartphones or tablets. Within just 30 seconds, you can scan the entire room, and take its precise measurements, or you can create your own custom floorplans from scratch.

You can go into as much detail as you want, adding electrical outlets, appliances, and more, then transform your 2D design into an interactive 3D model with a single touch.

Home Design 3D Gold

For a more complete 3D interior design app, you might want to turn to Home Design 3D Gold. It’s somewhat of a cross between architectural and interior (and exterior) design app that lets you play around with designing the entirety of your home. You can raise ceilings, create new openings, change the wall thickness, and more.

You can choose from thousands of different pieces of furniture, edit any object by resizing it, changing its color, positioning on the wall, etc. The compass feature can show you exactly how the light will enter your space at any time of day or night.

With their photo-realistic 3D rendering, you can take a virtual tour through your new home and see how you like it.


Combining the interior design with augmented reality, Wayfair is your modern-day home catalog. The app includes millions of products from Wayfair’s marketplace. Users can easily plan out their new space, browsing through furniture, décor, bathroom remodeling ideas, and more.

Its best feature is “View in Room 3D”. Simply upload a photo of your room, and insert the furniture and décor of your choosing to see how it would fit. You’ll be shown the exact measurements of the products you’ve inserted into your room. And, if you like them, you can easily add them to your cart and buy them.

Ikea Place

If you want to go a step further and experience the true power of augmented reality, Ikea Place might be what you need.

Its augmented reality software allows you to scan the room you’re planning to redesign, then select pieces of furniture or décor you like, then virtually place them in the room.

Their visual search feature can also prove to be helpful when you’re in the process of coming up with your interior design. If you see an Ikea product somewhere, but don’t know which exact product it is, you can simply snap a photo of it, and the app will go through its catalog and identify it.


Houzz is a great app for homeowners and interior designers alike. It has a huge database of high-resolution home and product images and can help you redesign your entire space.

Users can simply select the pieces of furniture they like, then select the “View My Room in 3D”, turn on their camera, and see in real-time what the products would look like in their space. If the items look good, you can easily purchase them from within the app.

Users can also take part in forum discussions and get connected to other professionals, making collaboration with other interior designers a breeze.

Autodesk Homestyler

Autodesk is renown as one of the best professional design programs for 3D rendering, and its 3D interior design app doesn’t disappoint.

While Autodesk’s other programs tend to be complicated for beginners to use, even a novice interior designer can find their way around the Homestyler app.

You can design the floor plan in 2D very easily with the drag-and-drop function, then choose furniture that comes from well-known brands, and decorate your space. Once you’re done, you can take a virtual tour through photo-realistic 720 panorama view.

Homestyler Interior Design

This free app is easy to use, and it’ll help you come up with a detailed interior design plan. Primarily, you can browse through their Design Gallery and check out what other people have created. You can also get in touch with home improvement professionals to get advice on your projects and share ideas.

The best thing about this app is that you can take a snapshot of your room, then superimpose products that come from stores like Ikea or Target, and decorate your space top to bottom.

The app is excellent for both professional interior designers and homeowners, and can truly help you visualize your new space before you start remodeling.

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is free to use and offers you more customization options. You can draw or import the entire plan of your home in 2D, then start working on the walls. You can easily adjust the wall thickness and even angle, then place your doors and windows.

You can add color and texture to your floors and walls, then start decorating your space with various furniture pieces. When you’re finished, you can take a photo of your design, and go on a 3D virtual tour of it.


Lastly, HomeByMe allows you to build your space from the ground up. Create 3D floor plans, furnish your space with furniture and decorations, and more. You can even have their team measure your home and create a 3D floor plan for you.

Their photo-realistic 3D rendering of your design will allow you to precisely visualize what your space will look like after your interior design project has been completed.

The Bottom Line

Relying on 3D interior design apps to help you visualize your space will make your home remodeling project easier. There are plenty of apps to choose from, and each of them can bring something more to your interior design project.

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