3D Artists from Over 65 Countries

Where to Find the Best 3D Freelancers

No matter which rendering industry your company occupies, you’ll find these job-finding services helpful for hiring part-time 3D rendering freelancers.

Architecture firms, interior designers, marketing teams, and real estate companies all understand how valuable 3D renderings, visualizations, and animations are to the continued success of their businesses. Being a professional 3D rendering artist requires a very specific set of skills, and finding people who are the absolute best in the world is not only difficult, it requires time and patience some people just don’t have left to give.

However, there are places that exist on the internet that make that search a little bit easier. There are thousands of competent 3D rendering artists out there, and they are all looking for the next job to add to their portfolio and keep the lights on in their apartments.

Keeping good 3D rendering artists on staff as full time employees doesn’t always pencil out, so having a group of people that you can call in only when you need their services is a luxury that has never been more accessible.

These are the websites where you fill wind the best 3D freelancers to add to your next design project.

1 | Easy Render

Easy Render is perhaps the most streamlined, easy-to-understand 3D rendering artist freelance finder on the web. It gives architecture and design firms thousands of capable visualizers to choose from, and allows them to browse their online portfolios with a few clicks of the mouse. Easy Render makes the vetting and interview process -- well -- easy, ensuring you’ll never make a hire you regret.

And if you do happen to have a bad experience with one of Easy Render’s freelance artists, you don’t pay them until they’ve delivered work up to the standard you expect based on their previous jobs. You’ll find quality rendering artists quick, and be sure the deliverables you agree on with them will be delivered as advertised, or your money back. Furthermore, unlike other job finders on this list, Easy Render only focuses on connecting design firms with 3D rendering artists.

2 | UpWork

Freelancers from all industries around the world use UpWork because it has established itself as the premier job-finding marketplace on the internet. And while you can certainly find writers, marketers, web designers, and people from pretty much any industry imaginable, you can also find 3D rendering artists.

UpWork makes it easy to sign up for as a business or individual looking to hire freelance help for their business. They have a ranking system for both parties involved, so you can easily find freelancers that have garnered a reputation for good work. There is also a streamlined messaging app that makes communication with freelancers a breeze.

3 | People Per Hour

As its name would suggest, People Per Hour gives freelancers a platform that works entirle on a per hour basis. Many job-finders operate on a fee-based system, or at least give the option to chose between the two. PPH streamlines this process and provides a slick interface to quickly browse freelancers based on their hourly fee, their reputation, and their portfolio of previous work.

PPH allows you to connect with 3D rendering artists and find the perfect fit for what your needs might be. Freelancers are allowed to get very specific about the type of services they offer, and will give you a clear picture of what they’re capable of. PPH puts a fresh coat of paint on the job-finding industry, and using it is just as pleasant as the results it produces.

4 | Indeed

If fresh coats of paint aren’t exactly what you’re concerned with when hiring your next 3D freelancer, consider taking a look at Indeed. It’s a no frills, no nonsense job-finding service that is fast, straightforward, and casts an incredibly wide net in the type of artists available to hire.

On other, fundamental, difference with Indeed is that it aims to connect firms with artists based on geography. If you live in Hamburg, you won’t be able to hire an artist in Sydney. They work specifically on the notion that you will be able to meet with the artist and interview them in person, establishing a physical relationship that goes beyond a vague, digital one. Only use Indeed if you plan on keeping your freelancer close and maybe grow the working relationship into one that lasts.

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